Travis Scott withdrawn from Coachella 2022 festival despite offer to perform for free

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The drama that occurred during the Astroworld festival in Florida at the beginning of last November, continues to have serious consequences on the career of rapper Travis Scott. The rapper has been withdrawn from the programming of the Californian Coachella festival scheduled to take place in April 2022.

Travis Scott Deprogrammed From Coachella Festival

Travis Scott really wanted to perform at Coachella 2022, so much so that he reportedly offered to waive all of his booking fees and perform for free. In the end, the festival’s organizers still decided to remove it from the lineup, which shows how badly this tragedy has taken a toll on the superstar’s career.

A few months ago, Travis was one of the biggest darling brands in the industry, partnering with Sony, Fortnite, McDonald’s and many other big companies before the Astroworld festival disaster . He even provides voiceovers for a character on the “new animated Trolls vacation special,” which aired late last month. He was unlucky with other partnerships , however, as it was reported that his brand of hard seltzer Cacti had been discontinued in addition to his Coachella show being canceled . Programmers have preferred to cancel the participation of the artist, which was to occur in head poster during the two weekends of festivities planned in April.

Travis Scott’s booking agent Cara Lewis was recently told by Goldenvoice, Coachella’s parent company, that he was being banned from the lineup, according to a Variety report . That’s when Scott made a counter offer and said he would play the festival at no cost, but Coachella doesn’t want anything to do with The Flame … at least not so soon after the tragedy, ultimately refusing the offer.

This deprogramming comes nearly a month after the tragedy that occurred during the Astroworld festival in Florida in early November. Ten people died in a crowd movement during a Travis Scott concert, and several hundred spectators had to be rescued.

A petition launched against Travis

After the recent unfortunate events and the numerous complaints filed against him, a petition that aims to fight against the participation of the Houston rapper in a whole slew of festivals to be held in the next few years in the United States has been launched. To date, it has collected over 60,000 signatures.

The said petition has been signed by more than 60,000 Internet users to oust Travis Scott from numerous upcoming festivals. Variety explains that the petition was launched on and this is what even explains the ousting of the rapper at the Coachella festival. After Astroworld, nearly 300 complaints were filed, some of which directly point to the artist’s responsibility.

When Travis Scott breaks the silence on Astroworld concert tragedy

For the first time, Travis Scott spoke about the drama of Astroworld in a fifty-minute interview recently given to American journalist Charlamagne Tha God. The rapper says he wanted to help ” every time [he] saw something “, and to have ” stopped [the concert] several times to [make] sure that everyone was okay “. Travis admits, however, that he simply saw nothing of the drama that was unfolding a few feet from the stage. “ I didn’t know the exact details until a few minutes before the press conference [after my concert]. And even then you say to yourself, “Wait, what? “. People pass out, things happen at concerts, but something like that. .. ”, defended the rapper.

 “ It’s something I’ve been working on for a while, creating these experiences and trying to show that they can happen in a safe environment. That night was like a normal concert, it seemed to me, as far as energy is concerned. People just came to have a good time and then something unfortunate happened and I think we really have to figure out what it was, ”the musician explained.

One thing is certain, at this pace, we risk not seeing Travis Scott on stage for a while. The rapper will have to face the fallout from this drama which negatively affects his musical career. 

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