Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” Album Sales Increase After Festival Tragedy

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In recent weeks, Travis Scott has been on the headlines of numerous magazines in the United States and around the world. This increase in notoriety is due to the tragedy that occurred on the first day of his Astroworld festival which was dedicated to the release of his last album which bears the same name as the said festival. Main responsible for the tragedy according to the participants and the accusers, Jacques Berman sees his album Astroword climb in the top 40 of the Billboard 200 .

A feat that no one expected

Last week, just before the festival Astroworld , the eponymous album Travis Scott was at the 50th spot on the Billboard 200 , having won six seats as and as the expectation of the festival and the release of the album was increasing. Today, in the wake of the tragedy that unfolded in Houston last weekend, a counterintuitive trend is emerging as Scott’s Astroworld is once again set to enter the Billboard 200 Top 40 .

Hits Daily Double reported that the album would take 38th place, an increase of 12 places and would sell for just under 15,000 units. Using rough calculations, the album’s tracks have been aired at least 17 million times since the Astroworld festival and that’s the lowest estimate possible. Obviously, the events that took place in Houston probably sparked an interest in Mr. Jacques Berman’s catalog . However, other theories could also blame this increase on a legion of fans trying to fight Travis Scott’s exclusion calls , especially on platforms like TikTok.

A success that will not limit the legal proceedings brought against the headliner of Astroword

Lawsuits against the Grammy- nominated rapper and Astroworld organizers and promoters are mounting. These lawsuits highlight gross negligence on the part of Scott, event organizers and NRG Park officials, who allegedly failed to vet the roughly 50,000 attendees at the Houston festival .

It is in fact this negligence which, according to them, would have led to the death of eight people and caused many injuries . Lawyers for injured festival goers said Scott and festival organizers failed to develop a proper safety plan and botched management of crowd control . Their negligence claimed the lives of eight fans between the ages of 14 and 30, according to lawyers.

Lawyers for Manuel Souza, an Astroworld spectator who was allegedly injured during Scott’s performance, filed a lawsuit on Saturday against the musician, festival promoter, Live Nation, and his director of operations, Darryl Platt, as well. as the concert organizer, ScoreMore, and the hall managers, among others. Lawyers for Manuel Souza called Friday’s tragedy ”  predictable and preventable  ” and said their client is asking for $ 1 million in monetary relief after Scott and others let the concert hall turn into a “melee” total ”due to inadequate planning.

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