Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival stage has finally been taken down

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It has been just over a month since the tragedy of Astroworld was shaken the whole world. It was a musical event initially planned over two days in Houston to which many artists were invited. What was supposed to be the event of the year turned within hours of its launch into a tragedy killing hundreds and injuring hundreds.

 Following this tragedy of November 5, all kinds of investigations and legal actions were made so that the whole world understands what happened at Astroworld. However, as the whole world waits for answers, it was recently reported that the facilities that enabled the said concert to be held have been dismantled.

An uninstallation that could mark the end of a dramatic era

Travis Scott’s stage at Astroworld was taken down and blown away 40 days after the murderous festival. In the photos obtained by TMZ, a team was working hard on Wednesday, December 15 to take the stage apart. Crowds of workers were seen removing lights and video screens and loading them onto trucks for transport.

The 30-year-old rapper who organized the event recently sat down to chat with Charlamagne Tha God for his first interview since the deadline concert , where he played down his guilt. “  I just tried to figure it out, ” he said, insisting he locked himself in to deal with the tragedy that happened last month. He revealed that he only learned of the gravity of the situation a few minutes before the press conference He also acknowledged that people often pass out at concerts, but maintained he was shocked to learn that people had actually been killed.

”  Did you hear any of those screams?”  The 43-year-old radio host asked, referring to the hundreds of people in the audience who desperately tried to escape as the onslaught of crowds engulfed them. ”  Nah, man, ” replied the “SICKO MODE” rapper. “  I didn’t hear that. I have music, I have my in-ear headphones, but I haven’t heard that. ” 

Asked about the “culture of rage” that the expectant father-of-two is known to instigate during his shows, he insisted that it was not the “high energy” of the crowd that caused the horrific test. “  As artists, we trust the professionals to make things happen and people leave safely, ” he said.

Despite being devastated by the astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott tries to get his life back on track by attending Kylie’s baby shower

As previously reported OK! Kylie Jenner’s baby shower was held at her sister Khloé Kardashian’s house over the past weekend. “  Even though the public doesn’t hear much about Kylie in terms of social media, of course, she still wanted to celebrate her pregnancy with her closest friends and family,” an insider told HollywoodLife “  The last thing Kylie needs right now is more drama in her life because she is very pregnant and so she is focusing on doing her best to stay relaxed and healthy. ” 

The “Sicko Mode” rapper attended the party, but was “rather laid back,” one media insider told the media, while another added, ”  Travis was there, but he was very low-key and stayed on. inside the house most of the time.  The event would have been “really intimate” with only “immediate family” and close friends in attendance.

At the celebration, Kylie gave a touching speech in which she thanked everyone for coming and said how ready she was for the birth of the baby. She has the unconditional support of her family and everyone around her. However, despite the excitement of adding a new member to their growing family, Scott still has some legal issues to work out . The 30-year-old rapper has been cited in a series of lawsuits after ten people lost their lives and hundreds were injured during his Astroworld festival last month.

In light of all the uproar, the parents-to-be both took the wrath of public opinion after Scott did not stop his performance at Astroworld , despite the chaos in the crowd. While Scott and Jenner maintained they were unaware of the gravity of the situation at the time, they have since acknowledged the tragic incident and sent prayers to the families of the victims .

“  My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost their lives, been injured or affected in any way by the events of yesterday, ” the founder of Kylie Cosmetics previously shared in a statement. ”  And also for Travis who I know cares deeply about his fans and the Houston community, I want to make it clear that we weren’t aware of the deaths until the news came out afterwards.” show, and in no world would we have continued to film or perform. ” 

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