Travis Scott’s Astroworld: in the context of a trial, the figure of 4900 injured has been advanced

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The Astroworld tragedy still makes noise, because in a lawsuit against Travis Scott and others, the number of injured people revealed is said to be 4,900.

Should Travis Scott be worried?

As some of the victims of the Astroworld tragedy recover, the number of dead and seriously injured increases. Lawyers Sean Roberts , Jason Atkin and Richard Mithoff gave an update on the victims suing over the incident. What emerges is a document presenting a new point of claim for the dead and injured.

TMZ magazine reports the contents of the document: 10 more dead ; 732 other serious injury claims , many of which require “extensive medical treatment”  ; 1,649 others claim to have suffered injuries requiring “less extensive medical treatment”  ; Another 2,540 people said they suffered injuries that are still being treated. That is a total of 4,900  people injured or dead .

Although the document mentions the number of claims, the criteria for categorizing injuries are not known. We hope for this clarification in the coming days. Note the significant difference between the figures of the first report and that mentioned above. The case seems to be evolving, however Travis Scott and the others deny any responsibility in the drama.

A relative of the rapper confides to TMZ that the authorities and the public opinion are relentless on the operators of the concert and the contractors in security rather than on the artists .

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