Travis Scott’s tragic Astroworld festival incident leads to $ 10 billion retrial

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Travis Scott continues to be damaged by the Astroworld festival tragedy on November 5 in Houston, which claimed the lives of ten people and left hundreds more injured. Lawsuits have piled up, reaching staggering amounts.

Mr Coon calls for 10 billion for the resolution of all cases of the tragedy

As it turns out, a Houston lawyer reportedly filed yet another heavy-handed complaint on behalf of more than 1,500 concert attendees. According to a press release, Brent Coon – founder of Brent Coon & Associates – is demanding $ 10 billion for all cases to be resolved. This latest complaint brings the total number of complainants to nearly 2,800.

The firm inspected the NRG Park where the event took place, filed various conservation orders with the court and municipal bodies concerned. Then he brought in world-renowned crowd control experts.

Mr. Coon immediately brought all of the plaintiffs’ law firms together by holding Zoom meetings every two weeks and filed a request with the Harris County District Court in Houston to consolidate all relevant cases into one room. ‘hearing. A hearing is scheduled for next Monday, December 13.

“I think that our firm is best placed to conduct this case, not only because of the number of victims who have chosen our firm to represent them in this action, but also because we have extensive legal experience (…)”, Mr Coon said 

He then added: “What happened at Astroworld is an unacceptable tragedy and it is important that justice be served to all concerned. “.

While all of this is likely overwhelming for Travis Scott and his lawyers , they are already taking action. On Monday, December 6, Travis Scott filed a motion asking a judge to dismiss at least one of the lawsuits. The Houston native has issued a “blanket denial,” which would cover all of the 275 and other lawsuits against him.

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