Trey Songz accused of sexual assault: the rapper denies the facts

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The American star is again subject to legal action. Jauhara Jeffries accuses Trey Songz of having sexually assaulted him during a party in Miami in 2018. What the singer denies just like the club E11EVEN which is the place where the facts would have taken place according to the victim.

Jauhara Jeffries sues Trey Songz for sexual assault at E11EVEN at P. Diddy’s 2018 New Years Eve party in Miami

This is the second lawsuit that Jeffries has filed against Trey Songz. The first trial where the complaint was filed anonymously, was unsuccessful after the court decisions. This time, the alleged victim returns with his face uncovered. Her lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, told the Daily Beast that Jauhura “doesn’t want to hide behind Jane Doe, she doesn’t want to be ashamed of what happened to her. “

For the new lawsuit filed this Monday, December 20 in Miami-Dade court as for the first, Jauhara Jeffries is suing Trey Songz for $ 20 million in damages for having sexually assaulted him at the E11EVEN nightclub in Miami during P. Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party 2018. 

According to his words, Trey who seemed drunk, offered to her and her friends to take them to the party he was also going to. It was then on the scene, at the E11EVEN nightclub, that Trey allegedly sexually assaulted him. Some media write that Jeffries claims that the singer thus “raped her with his fingers”. She adds that she was not the only one to have suffered this assault. Another woman allegedly told him that she was also a victim.

Which would then have cost her “emotional distress” and “mental anguish” she said. For this, Jeffries claims a sum of $ 20 million. As for Trey Songz , his spokesperson denies all these allegations and the star does not intend to comment on this subject. 

For its part, E11EVEN declared through its spokesperson this: “We have examined the complaint with our lawyer and it is clear that neither E11EVEN nor its employees were involved in the incident which allegedly took place there. about four years. … E11EVEN does not in any way endorse the alleged actions. “.

This statement followed news that, court documents reviewed by the Miami Herald, it turns out that P. “Diddy” and the E11EVEN club are also charged.

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