Tupac’s MOB ring is for sale

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Tupac’s gold ring is for sale by MIT. The jewel belonging to the collection of the deceased will be delivered to the first purchaser at a considerable price.

Ring from Tupac’s personal jewelry collection goes on sale

Lots of Tupac- related memorabilia find their way into auctions these days. Reports revealed earlier this week that previously unseen photos from the night of her debut album were sold as NFT. It’s his Death Row MOB ring’s turn to be sold. Note that Shakur used to rock the ring during his tenure with Suge Knight and Death Row.

It’s no secret that Tupac Shakur was part of a gang. The MOB ring in question confirms this evidence. In the context of Death Row Records, MOB stands for “Member Of Blood”. Moreover, the latter is a street gang to which Suge belonged . However, the acronym can also stand for other things, but the reference to blood is dominant. The piece of jewelry is therefore arriving available for purchase this week at a considerable price courtesy of Moments In Time .

Moments In Time sets the cost of the ring at $ 95,000

Moments In time got their hands on Tupac’s gold MOB ring and is listing it for $ 95,000. In fact, the accessory is not auctioned, but it is for sale at a fixed price to the first comer. According to MIT, Pac had given this gem to his girlfriend before her death.

The jewel then ended up with a private collector. The latter in turn brought it to Moments In Time in order to sell it. In addition, Moments In Time recently collected tons of hip-hop memorabilia . Items sold included Drake’s teenage nursery rhyme book, as well as the hub cap from the car in which Biggie Smalls was killed. It took a little for a piece of Wayne’s jewel to go through there as well.

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