Twitter reacts to Kanye West’s investment in house across from Kim Kardashian’s

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While the process of his divorce from the mother of his children Kim Kardashian is still ongoing, rapper Kanye West is still convinced he can save his marriage. After his many attempts to win back the heart of his sweetheart, Ye has just bought a house in front of his future ex-wife. An act that elicits a lot of mixed reactions on twitter.

Kanye spends millions to get closer to Kim

Kanye West seems to have a hard time living without Kim Kardashian and is trying by all means to get her back. Like during his concert with Drake at LA Memorial Coliseum , where he completely revisited the lyrics to “Runaway “. The rapper had once again declared his love for his ex: ” I need you to run right away to me, Kimberly, ” he then sang. Despite Kim’s indifference to all his efforts, the rapper does not intend to give up.

Latest attempt, Kanye West would have spent $ 4.5 million to buy the house that is right in front of Kim Kardashian and her children in the Hidden Hills . While he surely wants to be close to his children, many find this decision disturbing, frankly, by labeling the purchase of Ye’s house as harassment.

In addition to two ranches in Wyoming and a bunker villa in Malibu, the father of North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm is therefore now the owner of a 339 square meter villa located on a plot of just over 4 ‘000 square meters. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. A swimming pool and a stable are included in the price. However, the interior of the house needs to be renovated.

A disturbing, bizarre act comparable to harassment?

As he continues to publicly plead for forgiveness from his ex-wife, Ye will move into Kim Kardashian’s house next door. Many joke that now when Kim and Pete Davidson take their morning jog, Kanye will have amazing views.

Currently trending on Twitter, this situation has pop culture fans comparing Ye to Joe Goldberg (You’s stalker) because his new home purchase has been called “  crazy” , “  disturbing” and “weird ”. Even if Kim has not made any comment on this situation which has made the cabbage fat on social networks for a few hours, the businesswoman can already count on the support of her fans.

Some fans are even scared for Kim’s safety now that her ex-husband has moved so close, and others attribute this to Kanye being a Gemini, arguing that it’s not ‘crazy’ behavior but rather normal. for Gemini.

Kim Kardashian tourne la page de Kanye West

Although Kanye West tries everything to save their marriage, Kim Kardashian isn’t planning on giving her ex-husband another chance. The reality TV star has even openly admitted that she is ready to return to her former single status as soon as possible. In a document sent to justice on Monday, December 13, Kim revealed that her marriage with Kanye West is ” irreparably broken ” and that she ” no longer wishes to get back together with the father of her children “.

However, there are plenty of signs that Kim is already having a romance with comedian Pete. Moreover, the latter would have already made the acquaintance of the children of Kanye West. The two lovebirds have already spent several dates in New York, where Pete Davidson resides. Other head to head would also have taken place in Los Angeles on the side of the Kardashians. So do you think Kanye is wrong to afford a mansion in front of his ex-wife just with the intention of being closer to his children?

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