Tyga arrested for domestic violence

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UPDATE October 13: As announced, Tyga surrendered to the police in Los Angeles yesterday.
The officers arrested him on the spot. In the meantime, however, he is at large again because he
deposited the $ 50,000 bail. Original message from October 12: Tyga’s ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson accuses the rapper of being
violent towards her. After she filed a complaint with the police against the 31-year-old, the 31-year-old
announced that she would face the police in Los Angeles today to share his version of the story.


Tyga is accused of domestic violence by ex-girlfriend


As TMZ reports, Camaryn is said to have stood in front of Tyga’s door at 3 a.m. on Monday and shouted.
That was probably a separation of the two before. The rapper is said to have let them in, which, however,
led to further arguments. “Taste” rapper is said to have been violent towards her and she had her mother
pick her up and called the police. The arriving police reportedly discovered “visible traces” of violence against Camaryn and filed charges
against Tyga. The 22-year-old later showed herself on Instagram with a black eye. Tyga was not taken into custody by the police because he said he would come to the local police station today
to give his version of what had happened. Acquaintances from Tyga’s environment told the news portal that
Camaryn had come to the rapper’s house, although he said he did not want to. However, she said she had
screenshots that prove he asked her to come. The two had been in a relationship since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, fans even speculated whether
Tyga and Camaryn had gotten engaged.

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