Tyga’s New Single “Lift Me Up” Officially Available

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It has been several weeks since Tyga completely erased himself from the American music scene, leaving his fans orphaned by new musical releases. As a reminder, the California rapper came close to prison last month when his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence. After this long absence, the Californian rapper resurfaces with a new track entitled ”  Lift Me Up “.

Tyga’s comeback with “Lift Me Up”

We haven’t heard much from Tyga since the rapper’s ex-girlfriend made the shocking accusations last month. Concretely, Camaryn Swanson claimed to have been physically assaulted by the 32-year-old rapper. Obviously, following these allegations, Tyga wasted no time in coming forward to categorically deny all the accusations.

Remember, moreover, that rumors had also circulated over time, stipulating a possible arrest of the Tiger, which he had also denied. In the end, it looks like Tyga has kept a low profile letting the spotlight shift from his controversy to other scandals.

Moreover, after the release of his previous single “  Mrs. Bubblegum “, Tyga is back with a new track called”  Lift Me Up “. Note that the imagery associated with the single presents the silhouette of Tyga in the clouds. The track itself is about the rapper who brings out his high profile lifestyle while putting his enemies in their shoes.

As of yet, it’s unclear if this single is just the first on a long list of Tyga tracks in the pipeline. Likewise, we do not know if the release of ”  Lift Me Up  ” is a harbinger of a new project by the Californian rapper. However, it is clear that the 32-year-old rapper has still filled his fans with his music as usual.

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