Tyler, the Creator pays heartfelt tribute to Virgil Abloh

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The tragic death of Virgil Abloh on Sunday, November 28, 2021 continues to leave sorrow in the hearts of the entertainment industry. Many celebrities and collaborators have taken to social media to share words of tribute and thoughts on Virgil Abloh. Tyler The Creator, in an Instagram post yesterday, followed suit with a special tribute to stylist Abloh.

Tyler, the Creator talks about the creative genius Abloh embodies

Louis Vuitton’s creative director   has left a mark on many hip-hop players with his creative direction and inspiration. His battle with cancer, although documented, did not prevent him from pursuing his goals. It is undoubtedly in view of all that he has brought to the hip-hop community that the rapper has dedicated a poignant text rich in emotion to him. Tyler  indeed explained how he admired Virgil’s work , like his  custom G-Wagon  , and how he embraced his African roots.

“  Sir  Abloh  was a real geek about things. Passion was reflected in everything he did. Whether it was a series of songs we’ve never heard or the  pantone  of an airplane wing, he was always serious. wrote  the American rapper . He also talked about his favorite project with the late stylist, ‘ My favorite project was this Benz G-Wagon. My eyes couldn’t understand what it was. My brain couldn’t imagine it was real. But my body and my mind were thrilled because I didn’t know you could do this stuff….! He kept increasing it, each time. On your mind. ABLOH. This strong African surname. A few years ago I started using my African last name  OKONMA more  because  Virgils  was so royal . ” did he declare.

Tyler thinks Virgil Abloh opened doors for many creatives

While sharing a photo of the G-Wagon, a photo of Virgil from his youth, and a healthy photo of the two of them together, Tyler explained how Virgil opened doors for many creatives, and always supported his friends.

 ”  Everything he did made me feel like he was like ‘  Hey  over here the way is clear’ when I questioned things. A week after our last conversation, this I thought was random conversation has a lot more weight now.  ” Says the rapper. He goes on to say, ` ` Sometimes part of us sharing our crazy ideas is getting peer approval to keep pushing, but Virgil was ALWAYS a  cheerleader . For everyone. His hand opened the doors, brought people in and threw the keys out so the next person could have them . ”

 Moreover, very touched by the death of his friend and fellow stylist, Tyler had only words of regret at the end of his text “ I wish he could see what his helping hand did for me. His mind is still there. I feel it. He will see it. I will continue to push and try things while leaving the door open. He’ll shake those pom poms. We will keep this on a loop. Have a good trip . He wrote.

Finally, it is important to clarify that Tyler’s post follows other tributes from Kanye (at the Sunday Service), Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Frank Ocean, Louis Vuitton and Kim Kardashian, to name a few. 


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