Tyler, the Creator plans to use his real name, Tyler Okonma, on stage soon

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Behind the stage name of each artist undoubtedly hides a story. Rapper Tyler, The Creator shared his and added that he plans to revert to his legal name.

Tyler, the Creator is getting more and more bored of his stage name 

In a recent interview, the author of the hit album “ Call Me If You Get Lost ” said he was getting old and starting to yearn for a change. It is more precisely a change of his stage name. He is currently 30 years old.

But before, he told the story of his nickname by which he is publicly known: Tyler, The Creator. “  I made a MySpace page when I was 13 – I was 3, one was regular for friends, another was for something else, and then the third was just ideas. (…) I started to use it more and people from Kentucky would say to me: “Cool beats, my brother!  », He started.

This page was named Tyler, The Creator . At the time Tyler was still a young high school student in Los Angeles. This is how the pseudonym spread and it was thus identified from then on. 

“  The name is spreading, and I kept it as my stage name. It’s really stupid, but it stuck with me, so it works. But my full name, Tyler Okonma, in all caps, that’s really cool,  ”Tyler admits.

Today, he thinks very differently. “  I don’t know, I’m getting older and I think when people get older they start to realize the soul, they start to change,  ” he said. So it would not be surprising if soon he introduced himself Tyler Okonma even in the musical setting.

Speaking of music, Tyler had a great year, especially with his album “ Call Me If You Get Lost ”. This project was nominated for the Grammy Awards in the Best Rap Album category.

Outside of music, Tyler recently presented samples of his new fragrance “ French Waltz ”. It will be available soon according to the rapper.

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