Unhappy loser, Ugo reacts to the Koh-Lanta final

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After the controversial outcome of Koh-Lanta: the legend , an edition that could harm the show, Ugo, the unfortunate loser, spoke publicly.

After Claude, Teheiura also renounces Koh-Lanta

A serene defeat

After the Koh-Lanta final described as icy by Le Parisien , Ugo gave his version of the facts on Instagram and on Télé 7 jours . He describes a feeling quite opposite to what could be communicated in the press. The candidate who spent most of his adventure on the island of the banished undoubtedly needed to find a little human contact: “Contrary to what I have read, I did not find the atmosphere tense. . Maybe it’s down to my character which makes me talk to everyone and be liked by all adventurers so I had a great time. It remains the celebration of an adventure that we all lived together and it was cool. “

Ugo also returned to the verdict rendered by the production of the show, which decided not to pronounce a winner in view of the many cheating cases that have enamelled Koh-Lanta: the legend and in which the two finalists would be involved, Claude and Laurent. While viewers campaigned for Ugo to be sacred, the latter is satisfied with the outcome : “They reacted to the elements they had in their possession. I think it’s a good decision given the events. The money goes to a good cause, so I have no regrets. It was the right and only decision that had to be made at the time. “

Remember that the 100,000 euros promised to the winner were donated to the Pour Bertrand-Kamal fund.

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