Update on this week’s new releases with Nas and Hit-Boy, Trippie Redd and more

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The Christmas party is announced with new musical sounds. Santa Claus made a jump on the platforms by depositing brand new packages. 

Nas and Hit-Boy did it again

Hit-Boy recently talked about his debut on the net and now he seems busier to continue his expansion plans. He tried again the adventure with Nas of which he entirely produced the album King’s Deseases II. The fruit of their new collaboration bears the title Magic. Composed of 9 tracks, this new delivery saw the participation of A $ AP Rocky and DJ Premier. Released this Friday at midnight, Nas announced the project on Thursday via his Instagram account. “MAGIC is in the air. Midnight and a whole new music to vibrate on ” . This new release aims to continue to give strength to the career of the legendary Nas who released his last album less than six months ago.

Curren$y and Fashion Pilot Talk 4

The rapper born in New Orleans is fully on this end of the year. He decided to release his eighth album while updating a project from 2015. Indeed, Pilot Talk 3 released in 2015 now has a sequel with Pilot Talk 4. The project includes 10 tracks made with producer Ski Beatz. Fans had already had a taste with the broadcast of a few extracts in early December. Plus, the artist who took on Lil Wayne’s labelmarked this year with his numerous musical appearances. We can cite his LP Collection Agency, Still Stoned on Ocean. He has also appeared on Welcome to Jet Life Recordings and Welcome to Jet Life Recordings 2 by Jet Life, Highest in Charge by Trauma Tone, Matching Rolexes with Kino Beats as well as Regatta with Harry Fraud. 

Despite this fairly pronounced presence, the rapper was not bored and his new project is well received. Evidenced by the message he left on Twitter after the release of the album. “  I can’t even get out of the car…. I’m sitting here reading tweets about how you all think about the album. I’m so glad you all like it . “

Trippie Redd also pleases her fans

”  HATE IS DEAD mixTAPE hurry before it’s too late these are all songs from me, only one feature  ” and “@hnrzhunter drops 8 of my songs at 10pm if you comment on ‘1400’ 50,000 times  “. It is with this Instagram message that Trippie Redd launched a challenge to obtain comments on the theme 1400, 50,000 times before unveiling her new project. Finally he unveiled it the same Tuesday on Soundcloud. The project includes 9 songs including a collaboration.

The alchemist also equips itself while waiting for the tour

Last week already, we were talking about the new output Boldy James and The Alche mist who released an update of their discography with Super Tecmo Bo. This Friday we will be talking about the solo release of The Alchemist which grants us a 6 track EP which he titled Cycles. The new sounds can be tasted in 16 minutes, a time that seems so short, given the new rhythms it offers.

Chris Webby’s Still Wednesday with DMX functionality

Chris had the chance to record one last track with DMX before his death. The track We Up on Chris’s last release proves it to us. The project called Still Wednesday is a set of 20 pieces. The project includes the track Pearly Gates and the presence of other artists including Tory Lanez, Bria Lee, Jarren Benton. The album was released on December 22nd.

SpotemGottem has come a long way with Back From The Dead

He seems to have come a long way. And this is quite normal. The young prodigy who has a very good audience on Spotify has been the target of a violent attack. While returning from his recording studio, the vehicle in which he was aboard suffered a minimum of 22 bullets from an automatic weapon according to police sources. Led to the hospital with the one who transported him, the rapper seems to be doing well to the point of releasing his album. Even if it was not necessarily the title initially intended for the project, this one is by far the best. The project has 13 titles.    

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