V9 unveils the Murk With A Mouth project

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V9 enriched his discography with a new project he called Murk With A Mouth.

The rising London rap star Homerton is intensifying his presence in the global music industry. After the passages on the scene of the British drill, V9 allows itself a daring project which bears witness to its ambition to fizzle out in music.

Murk With A Mouth scanned

The new project of the British artist includes 15 pieces and talks about the street and themes on which the British can best express all his art. For 41 minutes, the masked vigilante proved all the good that we thought of him. He has brought in other artists like Unknown T, Ghetts, Mazza, Billy Billions, Jimmy and ZNZE while producers Ghosty, AV, Gotcha, Parked Up, M6, TN_490 and many more bring the comic to life. of the star of the 98s.
Speaking of comics, the cover of the project features the masked face of the masked vigilante in the foreground. In this face, are in fade, many other posters in cartoon mode of the vigilante. These other photos of him in action show the vigilante at different times of intervention in his skin as a vigilante. Diversity also touched the different outfits he wore on the cover.

The tracklist is not hidden

His face is hidden, but the realities of the music industry prevent him from doing the same for the project’s tracklist. Thus the title  Murk With A Mouth  acts as an intro while Hole In One is the first collaborative track. He completed this project in complicity with Billy Billions. He returns alone with tracks like McQueen, Arigato, Change, Mortal Kombat, Sweeper. Master is also a solo track that you have to listen to. Produced by Morts, it is one of the project’s many strengths. V9 delivered raw truths to it. This track, made of heavy bass forced V9 to release its thunderous voice.
Jimmy appeared on the project through the Petty track. Mazza was invited to Spaceship while Ghetts and V9 ensured on Shoulda Woulda Coulda. MGW has allowed V9 to showcase another side of him. Anger Problems is the track on which Unknown T gave its energy to the project. Before Acid Trip as an outro, V9 had fun on Double S with ZNZE.

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