Vaccination: Ice Cube waives a million-dollar fee

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Actually, Ice Cube should have shot the comedy “Oh Hell No” in Hawaii with actor Jack Black this winter, but nothing will come of it. As it became known, the former NWA rapper is said to have turned down the role after being asked by producers to get vaccinated against Covid-19. He’s getting a fee of nine million dollars as a result.

Ice Cube refuses film role because of vaccination

The Hollywood Reporter claims to have learned that the producers of the film asked everyone involved to get vaccinated against corona. Apparently no agreement could be reached with Ice Cube, so the rapper finally resigned and waived his fee in the millions. Neither the production company nor Sony or Ice Cubes Management wanted to comment on this.

It was actually agreed in June of this year to shoot the film in Hawaii in winter. Jack Black himself is one of the two producers. Due to an injury to the 52-year-old, the start of production has now been postponed.

Earlier this year, Ice Cube had left the film “Flint Strong” behind by being asked to act. The reasons for quitting this role are not publicly known.

Ice Cube promotes wearing masks

In August, Ice Cube is said to have donated almost 2,000 masks to a college in Oklahoma . And in April last year, he was selling T-shirts with a picture of him wearing a mask. The motto of the shirt campaign back then was “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”.


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