Wale Reveals Official Tour Dates for “Under A Blue Moon” Album

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After wowing his fans with his never-before-seen performance and sultry messages on his new album, Wale is ready for a tour . The rapper has officially unveiled the dates for the tour to promote the album ”  Under A Blue Moon “, considered one of the best releases in the hip-hop industry during the year.

 The DMV native has stepped up to the plate to announce official tour dates for his new album ”  Under A Blue Moon,” which will begin in Nashville, TN in January and end in Memphis, TN in March. Indeed, the rapper, who a little earlier gathered the opinions of his fans on the cities to go during the tour, has finally unveiled the list of American cities that will shine in the sparkling colors of the sensational album “Under A Blue Moon ”in the next few days.

The dates and cities selected for the “Under A Blue Moon” tour

12/01/22: Nashville, TN
13/01/22: Chattanooga, TN
15/01/22: Huntsville, AL
16/01/22: Birmingham, AL
17/01/22: Atlanta, Géorgie
18/01/22 : Raleigh, Caroline du Nord
20/01/22 : Silver Springs, MD
1/21/22 : Baltimore, MD
23/01/22 : Philadelphie, PA
24/01/22 : New York, NY
25/01/22 : Boston, MA
28/01/22 : Cincinnati, OH
29/01/22 : Détroit, MI
30/01/22 : Indianapolis, IN
31/01/22 : Chicago, IL
2/2/22 : Kansas City, MO
2/3/22 : St. Louis, MO
2/6/22 : Denver, CO
2/8/22 : Seattle, WA
2/10/22 : Oakland, CA
15/02/22 : Los Angeles, CA
16/02/22 : San Diego, CA
17/02/22 : Phoenix, AZ
19/02/22 : San Antonio, TX
21/02/22 : Dallas, TX
24/02/22 : La Nouvelle-Orléans, LA
25/02/22 : Mobile, AL
26/02/22 : Jackson, MS
1/3 /22 : Little Rock, AR
22/03/22 : Memphis, Tennessee

“Under A Blue Moon”, an original album embellished with several unpublished compilations

Released on Friday October 22, 2021 , Folarin II has 15 tracks including some on which Wale has collaborated with J. Cole, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Boyz II Men and Sauce of Backyard Band, Maxo Kream, Yella Beezy without forgetting Ant Clemons and Lil Chris from TOB. On Poke It Out , Wale performed with J. Cole. He did the same on Lightyears, with Rick Ross. On Angles, he allowed his fans to see Chris Brown by his side.

With Jamie Foxx, wale concocted Dearly Beloved . Boyz II Men and Sauce of Backyard Band , accepted Wale’s invitation to More Love. If you are more a fan of Maxo Kream, it is Down South that you will have to listen to with the well noticed participation of Yella Beezy on the song. Ant Clemons and Lil Chris from TOB also participated in Folarin II respectively on Extra Special and Jump In. All you have to do is think about purchasing your ticket in order to live the highlights of this real opus filled with sensations. and emotions.  

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