When Dj Khaled celebrates the victory of the Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics “God is great”

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Sunday night, a basketball game pitted Dj Khaled’s favorite team, the Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics. Upon arrival, the Miami Heat won the victory to the great joy of Dj Khaled who did not fail to celebrate it.

Dj Khaled is thrilled

Dj Khaled is known for not deciding on all subjects. On the other hand, he has the art of making people talk about him. After scoring a straight basket, he asked his fans to call him “MJ” . Not long ago, he bragged that there would be no one on earth who could beat him in a Verzuz matchup . Two days ago his favorite team, the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics yesterday 111 to 103 with 47 points scored by Jimmy Butler .

Dj Khaled celebrated this victory by posting a video on Instagram. In the visual, we see him a few inches in front of his television holding a white basketball in his hand. He says in the footage: “They don’t believe in us. God made it… God is great” . The caption to his post reads, “GOD MADE IT! Big win @miamiheat” .

Khaled watches a lot of games from home. At one point he even expressed his desire to buy shares of the Miami Heat . In another vein, he recently announced that he is in “Album” mode with Drake and then with 21 Savage .


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