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Death Row Records was the most defining music label for West Coast hip hop in the 90s. As one of the label’s former figureheads,  Snoop Dogg is of the opinion that he should now run the business himself. He explains that in a new episode of the ” Million Dollaz Worth of Game ” podcast. There he also mentions which rappers he would sign.

Death Row Records: Snoop Dogg will Label leiten

Gillie Da King and Wallo267 talk about two hours with the West Coast legend about God and the world in the new episode of their podcast. In the course of the conversation, Snoop also mentions his recently acquired position as a  management consultant at Def Jam  . From there, the trio comes to speak of Death Row Records. Snoop Dogg thinks he should be given a similarly important position there.

“I think all of Death Row should be in my hands. I should run the sh * t, just like I have the position at Def Jam. Death Row means more to me because I helped build it up.”

He says that as the head of Death Row, he would take care of both merchandise and music. If Snoop Dogg (now streaming on Apple Music ) had only had the power to decide which artists to sign Death Row about five years ago, he would have brought some relevant and current West Coast acts to the label to this day. He mentions YG , Roddy Ricch and Ty Dolla $ ign by name – everything that comes from the west.You can watch the excerpt from the interview here:

The entire episode can be seen in full length on YouTube.

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