Wiz Khalifa quits wearing jewelry ‘for his safety’

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Acts of violence being omnipresent in the rap game, some players in the field, including Wiz Khalifa , think more than ever of having their backs.

Wiz Khalifa changes his tune

Assumed weed lover, Wiz Khalifa recently joined DJ Whoo Kid to take part in the WHOO’s House podcast . The opportunity for him to evoke some changes made in his life, including that of no longer wearing jewelry in public, in order to ensure his safety but also that of those around him :“You detach yourself from this stuff, and you invest in different things. It’s cool to have that mindset […] but you don’t have to find yourself in completely crazy situations. And with all these murders and everything that’s been going on lately, it’s just inviting in some fucking energy that you really don’t need. And people look at you, it excites them to see this kind of shit unfold. For my part, I am the type of person who will first think of his own safety. So if I can avoid attracting the attention of these people, I’m going to do you a favor, because I don’t want this kind of thing to happen to you, I don’t want it to happen to me. whatever it is, so I’m going to ease the situation for everyone’s sake. I’m going to make sure we don’t go in there. »

Earlier in the month, the rapper publicly spoke about rappers who in his view have “gone out of fashion” by wearing lots of bling around their necks: “All that jewelry is outdated, the n** *** look corny with this. »

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