Yella Beezy: the rapper accused of raping a woman on the first date

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After his numerous run-ins with the law this year, the American rapper Yella Beezy is once again experiencing a new legal boredom. This time around, the 29-year-old Texas artist is accused of raping a woman on a first date .

Yella Beezy accused of rape by a young woman

According to documents reaching  TMZ,   a woman went to the hospital to report an alleged rape that occurred in April. The young girl, allegedly the victim, claims that rapper Yella Beezy contacted her on Instagram to ask if she was looking for a new friend. After accepting his proposal, the two new friends decided to make a little acquaintance outing in order to get to know each other better. It was then that they went to eat in Dallas and then go bowling.

The alleged victim said everything was normally fine until he invited her back to his home, where they hung out before their 10 p.m. bowling reservation. Once there, the woman claims they were playing cards and chatting… until Yella asked for a massage while he was shirtless . . After giving her the massage, she claims the rapper then threw himself on her , kissing her and pulling up her dress . This is how Yella would have managed to hold sex with her despite her disapproval .

The alleged victim says she managed to escape by taking the powder on the run. She claims that Yella basically tried to turn her on to make her believe that she initiated sex by kissing him. But authorities intervened when she went to the emergency room the next day to complain.

Yella Beezy arrested at least three times in the same year!

The Dallas rapper’s conflict with the law dates back to the beginning of the year. Last February, he was arrested for drug trafficking. Five months later, precisely in August, YB was arrested on  similar charges except that illegal gun carrying was among the charges.

According to police reports, the Texan was in possession of over 40 grams of a controlled substance plus a rifle and 4 handguns. So many situations which clearly prove that Beezy is not at his first trouble. Only that for the time being, the 29-year-old rapper has not yet reacted to this new accusation which is already having the effect of a glittery earthquake on social networks.

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