YFN Lucci expresses loneliness and cries out betrayal of those he considered close

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YFN Lucci does not appreciate the silence of those he has always considered close. He made it known on his Instagram.

It’s at the worst times that you recognize your true friends. This adage took on its full meaning in the life of rapper  YFN Lucci . Lonely in prison in a homicide case and another gangsterism case, the rapper realizes that he could only count on himself. He did not enjoy the support and love of those he believed to be his relatives. Obviously, he gave love and support to “loved ones” who were only with him out of interest. The elevator return was not effective.
Faced with the legal fight to get his release from prison, Lucci finds the next six months between him and his trial set for May 2022 very long. Especially since he will have to deal with the unexpected betrayal of those around him.
He did not fail to drown his bitterness in his Instagram Story.
He began by situating the main recipients of his message with a: ” Everyone to whom I have already said that I like I SHOW EM  “.
Then he wryly expressed that the love his loved ones always said they had for him was never truly translated into action. “ It’s funny how some have never shown me that they only told me !!!!! “, he wrote on a black background, black as the darkness in which their betrayal plunged his heart.

Victim of anti-gangsterism operations

As  casano goes, YFN Lucci’s return to prison was made, for him, in May after he was named in a 105-count racketeering indictment surrounding the Bloods gang in Atlanta.
What to give work to his lawyer who called for a false accusation. “ He’s not a gang member. What he is is an internationally renowned, triple platinum musical artist who has performed throughout the United States and around the world. ”, Said lawyer Drew Findling. The latter had managed to release in February 2021, with the payment of a deposit of 500,000 dollars, his client. Indeed, YFN Lucci had surrendered earlier this year to the authorities after the issuance of an arrest warrant against him in connection with the shooting death on December 10 in Atlanta of James Adams, a man from 28 years old. 

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