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Suspected of the double murder of 2 members of his collective, YNW Melly learned, shortly before the opening of his trial, that he no longer risked a death sentence.

Postponed several times, the opening of the trial of YNW Melly will take place in the coming weeks. The opportunity for justice to examine the various elements involving the rapper from Florida and now 23 years old, who is accused of having committed a double murder against 2 members of his collective, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser, in October 2018. Murders that investigators also accuse him of having tried to disguise as a drive-by with the help of a friend of his, YNW Bortlen, who will also be present in the dock. Quickly suspected and then arrested, Melly – whose real name is Jamell Demons – pleaded not guilty in March 2019, before learning the following month that he potentially faced the death penalty.

YNW Melly
YNW Melly’s mugshot after his arrest


Good news at last

But on the occasion of a preliminary hearing preceding the trial of YNW Melly, the latter received good news which he probably did not expect. His lawyer has indeed announced to the American media that the judge of the court of the county of Broward, in Florida, had made the decision to exclude the death penalty as a potential sanction which could scoop the rapper. While this doesn’t herald the outcome of the trial, Melly knows he won’t die so he can continue to see his family, hoping the sentence he’ll be given will get him out before he dies. . Because a life sentence is definitely not to be excluded in this case where his guilt seems to be beyond doubt for the investigators in charge of this case.

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