Young Dolph Celebrated on “Hell of a Life” Despite Pain of Separation

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Young Dolph is no more. He tragically passed away this Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

Amazement, sadness, torpor, shock. These are all words whose use cannot be exaggerated concerning the tragic departure of Young Dolph who  died Wednesday in his native Memphis following a shooting in a store.

Key Glock and Young Dolph  have teamed up to release a singular project like  Dum and Dummer  in 2019. This project was a sequel in which Young Dolph was able to suppress his past whenever he wanted. Indeed, it is common knowledge that any man who has lived in the street and who has been exposed to its violent realities no longer has time to laugh. He instinctively develops an instinct for survival which leads him to see evil everywhere and to defend himself. But Young managed to achieve a perfect mix between his serious side and his funny side.

“1 Hell of a Life” to celebrate the deceased

Although dead, the boss of Paper Route EMPIRE did not live unnecessarily. He allows everyone around him to celebrate his successes like on 1 Hell of a Life  with Key Glock. On this track, Young prides himself on having succeeded and he’s right to say so. Indeed, after several releases of mixtapes, the rapper receives a light contract of 22 million dollars with a major. He did not give in to the temptation of immediate money and preferred to sign with Empire with whom he created his own company and kept his independence. He managed to win little by little to the point of hoisting Key Glock high. He could have done more if he was still alive.

A feeling of unfinished business in Soulja Boy

The most affected in the immediate entourage of Young Dolph will be Key Glock who had devoted loyalty and integrity to his cousin by marriage. The two were  prepping Dum and Dummer 3 before Young Dolph’s untimely departure.
Elsewhere, it is Soulja Boy who must blame himself for not having made peace with him before his departure. Soulja had called Dolph a fool and a liar about Young Dolph’s claim to make $ 100,000 per show while being independent. ” How the fuck does @keyglock have more cars and freshness than you and your CEO?”  Young Dolph had written to create controversy.

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