Young Dolph: videos show rapper’s final moments

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The sad news shook fans of the artist, but also the entire musical universe. A video taken by a Memphis resident shows what can be considered the 36-year-old rapper’s final moments.

Indeed, Young Dolph , rapper born in 1985 and having known a lot of success in recent years was taken to task in a shooting that broke out in his hometown of Memphis yesterday.

In the video that started circulating a few hours ago, the rapper could be seen walking near a gas station. Apparently he had come to refuel his vehicle: a Corvette Stingray. It is therefore at this time that individuals would have got out of a vehicle identified to be a Mercedes to shoot him.

Yesterday November 17 , Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr . fell under the bullets of his enemies not yet identified.

Dressed in a yellow t-shirt in the video, he additionally wore faded denim pants and a baseball cap. A cell phone probably in his hand and a watch on his wrist, the rapper probably did not know he was living these last moments.

Yesterday, very quickly alerted, the police came to the scene could only note the death of the brave Paper Route Frank.

With a brilliant career and which was just beginning to impose it on the hip-hop scene of the USA, the murderers of the artist come to mourn millions of fans.

Paper Route Frank has however escaped a lot of killings. The last one had taken place in 2017, his car had been hit by a hundred shootings in Charlotte, North Carolina. He himself got away with three bullets in his body.

Rapper Yo Gotti , and one of the partners, Blac Youngsta, were suspected at the time… but nothing more.

RIP the artist!

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