Young Dolph’s Annual Turkey Donation: His Paper Route Empire Friends Honor His Memory

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Despite his abrupt departure, Young Dolph’s annual turkey donation took place this November 19 in Memphis. The Paper Route Empire label intends to perpetuate this work of the rapper.

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Friends And Artists From His Label, Paper Route Empire, Memphis People

Unexpectedly, the people of Memphis received their annual Thanksgiving turkey gift. 

Instead of canceling this event to which members of the Dolph community were well accustomed, his friends at Paper Route Empire with the support of the IdaMae Family Foundation distributed hundreds of turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was Friday at St. James Baptist Missionary Church.

“ It’s a big help. Especially when you are in need, ”said Ana Williams who attended the event.

The death of Young Dolph has left the artists on his label and the residents of his community deeply saddened. Indeed, while shopping for the turkey donation scheduled for that day, the 36-year-old rapper was killed on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 17 in front of Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies, a local bakery in Memphis.

“  It’s very important because we still have unhappy people here who probably don’t have the money to buy turkeys, ” said Snupe Bandz of the Paper Route Empire label.

Everyone already saw the annual donation of turkey canceled for this year. Dolph Young was known to help his community of Memphis, Castalia, through the donation of school supplies and food for the holidays. 

“ We’re just representing Young Dolph. And, just by preserving the legacy. And let people know that we’re going to do it every year, ”says Snupe Bandz.

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