Young Dolph’s fiancée Mia opens up on rapper’s death

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On Wednesday, November 17 Young Dolph was brutally shot in front of Makeda’s Cookies in Memphis, Tennessee. Several voices have been expressed after the rapper’s death, and in the lot, his longtime partner, Mia Jaye, shares his thoughts. 

“How am I going to tell my babies?”

Dolph left behind his longtime companion, Mia Jaye, and their children, and wishes poured in for the widow.

Mia appeared online with tributes to the love of her life while thanking the audience for their kind words: “Thank you everyone for all your prayers, love, support, calls, messages…. I may not see them all but when my eyes are not full of tears I catch a few , ”she wrote on her Instagram Story. “Nonetheless, all true positive vibes, energy and prayers are welcome… because the Lord knows I need them…. “

In another slide, Mia added: “[…]. Adolph I love you with all my heart and with all my soul ”. She also shared an adorable video in which we see Dolph helping one of his children with push-ups. Above the video, Mia wrote, “The question is… How am I going to tell my babies that daddy is never coming home? #prayforme ”.

Young Dolph was as much a rapper as he was a father

After Young Dolph’s death several videos portraying the rapper’s love have made the rounds on social media. One of them showed Young Dolph doing her daughter Aria’s hair. Mia Jaye can be heard saying, “You don’t want mommy to comb you, you want daddy to comb you”.  The video was originally posted by Jaye in August on her Instagram account, along with a caption that read, “Why do black men deserve to age? “

“Because it’s their birthright! When God created each individual, he assigned him a task to accomplish and when these men are withdrawn from this world prematurely, this Task…. But… Attribution can be left hanging, ” Jaye’s post continued. “The task may be to raise children. To pour out all their wisdom, their power and their strength in them so that they can fulfill their mission when they become a Man, and this child deserves to grow old too! ” 

Authorities shared images showing the two suspects responsible as well as the vehicle in which they fled. Investigating officers are hoping someone has information that will lead to an arrest. But in the meantime, we reiterate our deepest condolences to the hip hop community as well as to the bereaved families. 

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