Young Thug thinks Atlanta is the hip-hop capital

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While it is true that Atlanta bills itself as a perfect vacation destination for lovers of nightlife, shopping and strolling through beautiful natural places, there is more to it than it is a holy temple of hip-hop . The city is home to hundreds of nightclubs, discos and bars, but it is also the base of many celebrities today, as well as legends who animated the music industry . It is precisely by referring to this status that Young Thug recently declared that it was the No 1 city of Hip-hop.

Atlanta, ville No 1 du hip hop

Thugger proudly suggests that no city in the United States of America, or in the world, has been able to snatch first place from Atlanta, when it comes to Hip-hop. If we take inspiration from history, it turns out that the city in the state of Georgia is the temple of the genre.

Indeed, over the past thirty years, it has produced more hip hop icons than any other city and has the most impressive base in the history of rap music. Outkast, Goodie Mobb, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, TI, Future, Young Thug, Lil Baby, Gunna, 21 Savage, the three Migos members and a host of other successful rappers gave their first cry to the world in general and in the rap game within this city of 353 km². In other words, there is no lack of arguments that make the city where Kanye West (Ye) lives , the most important in the history of hip hop. Moreover, Thugger has testified that she is not ready to give up this honorable status.

Thugger sees Atlanta dominate the hip-hop industry, many more

This weekend during Revolt Summit , Young Tug predicted his hometown’s continued domination of the hip-hop world.

“I don’t see any city taking over Atlanta,” the PUNK interpreter said. “Because we regularly have new artists coming from Atlanta, bruh, and we’re getting bigger and bigger. The biggest artists appearing right now are from Atlanta. Because we regularly have new artists coming from Atlanta, bruh, and we’re getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The biggest artists who pop right now are from Atlanta. ” 

To this statement, the native of the city we are talking about added the fact that within the latter, “everyone has a heart, everyone loves each other  ” and that ”  There are not so many hateful “. Further on, he made it clear that the artists’ desire to collaborate on new music is the factor that contributes the most to the success of the city. According to him, it is for this reason that the city is positioned on the roof of the hip-hop world and that the trends in music and fashion have their source there.

For the record, these comments from Young Thug come in the wake of his plan to create Slime City , with many homes and a water park on the 100 acres of land he received for his 30th birthday. Note that he has launched a call for funding to billionaire Elon Musk for the realization and sustainability of the project .

We invite you to let us know in comments your opinion on the matter. Is Atlanta really the capital of hip hop?

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