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Arrested and incarcerated for violent cases and gang activities, Young Thug would live in difficult conditions of detention…

Arrested on the night of May 9 to 10, in a vast crackdown led by the FBI against Young Thug (but also Gunna) and their entourage, including many members of his label YSL Records, the Thugger has since been behind bars in Fulton Prison, located in northwest Atlanta. Faced with numerous charges, he will have to respond to heavy charges concerning acts of violence (murders, robberies, racketeering, thefts or drug trafficking, but also corruption and possession of weapons, etc.), all linked to activities gang, knowing that he has always claimed his affiliation with the Bloods. He is even accused of ordering a shooting in which YFN Lucci was 2019 in Atlanta, when they were in a clash, then giving the green light for his opponent to be stabbed while he was in prison. In total, it would no longer be 53 but 63 counts that would weigh against him and the members of his organization, all within the framework of the RICO law (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) and in a trial led by judge Rashida Oliver. , and in which he would risk up to 100 years in prison. But before arriving at this sanction, Young Thug (30 years old) would live difficult hours in his cell, when he learned of the death of one of his protégés, and member of his label, Lil Keed found dead this May 13, at only 24 years old …

Young Thug before Judge Rashida Oliver on May 10:


medieval conditions

While his relatives come to his defense, like Lil Keed before his death or the producer Metro Boomin, claiming that the label “YSL is not gang” or indignant that the RICO law allows the use of the lyrics of rappers’ texts against them in a lawsuit, the father of Jeffery Lamar Williams (alias Young Thug) had also denied the charges against his son in an interview for WSB-TV : ‘ I think my son has been unfairly linked to many things, but it’s up to us to prove it… I will fight for him until the end, I am his father.” But beyond the support of those around him,Thugga’s lawyer, Brian Steel, affirmed that his client lived in deplorable prison conditions, deeming them medieval: his cell would be like the dungeon of a dungeon, in a word, oblivion. According to him, he would live “hell” in solitary confinement, in a cement room without windows, with only a bed and a toilet. he clarifies that the ceiling light in his cell would remain on 24 hours a day, which would prevent Young Thug from sleeping. Another point, the food which would be inedible. Finally, the rapper and boss of YSL Records, would have neither access to the media, nor the possibility to exercise, to shave nor, necessarily, to have any human contact.

young thug 1

For the lawyer, these conditions of detention violate the constitutional rights of his client, in particular the 8th and 14th amendments, which prohibit states from inflicting cruel and unusual punishments. He filed an appeal in hopes of getting him released on bail quickly…a request that had already been rejected by a judge earlier in the week…




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