Young Thug’s bag lost: lawyer refutes negligence claims

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In Young Thug’s daily life, positive events follow one another, but also negative situations. On November 10, the rapper signed a new publishing deal with Kobalt Music Group. However, recently he filed a lawsuit in Georgia court against a company that owns and manages an Atlanta building . The subject of the complaint was the theft of her Louis Vuitton bag . While the proceedings are underway, the defendant tries to prove that Thug is partly responsible for the fact while his lawyers dismiss these allegations.


According to reports, Young Thug and his girlfriend rented an apartment in the “Trace” building . Among the numerous amenities offered, figure concierge service 24 hours on 24. The 1 st November 2020 Thug who was returning from a trip to Los Angeles parked on the third floor of the building. However, he allegedly left his Louis Vuitton bag near the vehicle after unloading his things.

Another resident of the building who noticed the presence of the bag allegedly requested it from the concierge service. One of the janitors who did not bother to research additional information on the real owner of the object handed it to him. The contents of the bag and itself are valued at over a million dollars .

Indeed , it contains $ 94,000 worth of jewelry (a diamond chain worth $ 37,000 and a diamond watch worth $ 57,000) and $ 40,000 in cash. The most important asset of the lot is the 200-song hard drive estimated to be worth $ 1 million . All this is without counting the bag which costs $ 2,500. The other objects contained in the bag can be redeemed, but the songs, the inspiration are almost irrecoverable. It is therefore right that the rapper decided to continue.

The arguments of the defendant company

JLB Peachtree Management, the defendant company in the case of the disappearance of the Louis Vuitton bag by Young Thug defends itself by accusing the rapper of “negligence and lack of ordinary care”. Indeed, the magazine Rolling Stone informs us that the company counter-attacks by attributing to Thug a negligence which led to the loss of the bag on the one hand.

Specifically, lawyers for the company said a member of staff found the bag next to Thug’s Lamborghini. This means that the object’s place was not there, but rather elsewhere in a secure space.

The reaction of the complainant’s lawyer

The trial continues and each of the parties denies the responsibilities attributed to it. Charles Hoffecke, Young Thug’s lawyer reacted to the assertions of the defendant’s lawyers with a statement. He explains that: “  The suggestion that my client’s negligence; if there is one; outweighs that of the defendants ignores the simple facts. Defendants’ employees acted to secure the property, they knew who owned the property , they vowed to keep the property safe in a safe location, they communicated to my client that they would keep the property safe, and then they handed over the property to an unknown person e  ”.

Thug’s lawyer insists that another staff member disregarded the instructions and gave “the property to an unknown individual other than the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s authorized representative.” This means that the company knew exactly who owned the object and thus should not hand it over to anyone other than the identified owner.

Separately, Hoffecker continues, “  Now that the defendants have filed their response, we look forward to asserting Young Thug’s rights through the litigation process  .”

While everyone wonders about the outcome of this lawsuit, Thug continues with his life and his daily life. In addition, he speaks on various subjects such as the qualification of Atlanta as the capital of American hip-hop .

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