Youngboy NBA unveils new clothing collaboration with VLone

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Youngboy NBA has not yet finished promoting his second “top” studio album which has been a hit for some time. In collusion with Vlone, the rapper has just released a new collection of clothes with his brand Never Broke Again. An unprecedented collaboration inspired by his second studio album, ”  Top “.

Youngboy NBA commits major collaboration with Vlone

The mark of official clothing NBA Youngboy, Never Broke Again has is associated with merchants streetwear popular Vlone of, to launch a new collection of sweatshirts hoodie, shirts , hoodies and balaclavas . A major collaboration that should not surprise anyone because of the undisputed notoriety of the two labels.  

According to Vlone’s website , the collaboration celebrates the success of YB’s second studio album ”  Top,” released on September 11, 2020. An opus that  topped both the Billboard 200 and US Top R & B / Hip-Hop charts.

Significance of the clothing pieces offered by Vlone in collusion with Youngboy

Designed with fabrics printed on the back and front in electrifying shades of green and red, each piece in the new clothing collection sports a meaningful representation of songs from the Top album list , such as ”  Dead Trollz “, ”  My Window  “and”  Reaper’s Child “. “  Dead Trollz  ” is the eleventh track from  Top , where YB attacks his enemies (“Haha b * tch, I want you to act like you’re going to do something).

 The ” Trollz  ” t-shirt  is meant to represent this piece, with a multicolored graphic of a bunny with Vlone  ‘s signature ”  V ” stamped on the back. “  My Window  ” is the seventh track from  Top  with  Lil Wayne , where YB shares stories of his relationships with paranoia (“Who’s peeking in my fucking window?”) . 

As for the ” My Window ” t-shirt , it features a graphic on the back of YB in black and white. On “ Reaper’s Child, ” YB details his lifestyle and upbringing in more detail, as well as the impact of false love on his psyche; the ‘ Reaper’s Child  ‘ t-shirt  also features a black and white graphic by YB, reminiscent of  Top on Vlone’s sleeve with a  red ‘  V ‘ written across his forehead. 

A clothing collection of indisputable quality

According to information reported by Vlone on its website , the clothes are made with materials of ”  quality  “, printed with motifs immediately recognizable and exclusive . Likewise, they are pieces made of cotton and polyester, durable, but delicate fabrics, the best on the market, high quality and very comfortable to move.

In addition, it should be noted that the products in question also include different types of NBA hoodies  with an extraordinary style . Note that the design on these really begins to explain the importance of relationships with family, friends and great entertainment. There are also some with the Vlone logo and many others with bright colorful graphics. Notice to fans of rapper Youngboy NBA and lovers of quality clothing.



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