YoungBoy’s new look Never Broke Again elicits mixed reactions

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Young NBA rapper YoungBoy has been in the news again after the release of his latest music video. It is obvious that the rapper from Baton Rouge has been unable to keep a low profile lately. Fans have indeed spoken about the look the rapper displayed in said video. Concretely, Never Broke Again appeared with the face all made up with dark touches at the level of his eyes. The star’s new look has sparked several mixed reactions from her fan ranks.

YoungBoy feels like a Rockstar

In their latest music video, YoungBoy Never Broke Again tried on a new look, wearing Kiss makeup. Very quickly, the Baton Rouge rapper went viral with his makeup, painting his face lighter and wearing a dark, dark shadow around his eyes.

Best of all, YoungBoy added an original touch to her makeup by putting on dark black lipstick. Afterwards, the rap superstar explained that he feels himself when he puts on makeup. “To be completely frank, I myself don’t know what’s going on with me. I feel comfortable wearing makeup like this. It makes me look gothic, like the Rockstar. “

Her change of look drew mixed reactions.

YoungBoy is one of the most famous rappers out there right now and he has a great fan base who loves everything he does. As a reminder, his fans had claimed that if their star was shopping at MAC Cosmetics , then they would do the same. In other words, the 22-year-old rapper has a host of supporters who are totally dedicated to him no matter what he does.

However, another side of the hip-hop community made up of less following fans do not share the same opinion at all. Concretely, this group criticizes YoungBoy quite violently, going on social networks to ask the rapper to throw all his makeup products in the trash.

Recall that YoungBoy is not the first hip-hop artist to experiment with gender norms and stereotypes by applying makeup or wearing women’s clothing. Indeed, Kid Cudi , Jaden Smith, Young Thug and many more have all done it before the 22-year-old. Obviously, the young rapper seems to be at the beginning of his experimentation phase and for the moment, he seems to like it.

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