Yung Bleu shares hilarious interaction between him and Lil Wayne

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In the music industry in the United States, as everywhere else, the notoriety of artists largely depends on the interactions they maintain with each other. Therefore, to prepare an album, it is common to see a rapper solicit the participation of a colleague who can optimize the impact of the project and the figures he will record when it is released. Yung Bleu , on behalf of his next opus, has not departed from this rule. On the contrary, among the guest artists on the disc , he left Lil Wayne a relatively considerable place.

Weezy will have an important place on the album of Bleu Vandross

A few days ago, Yung Bleu gave an interview to the magazine HNHH , on behalf of the series On The Come Up . During the interview , the rapper said that   Lil Wayne has always been one of his sources of inspiration in the field of music .

“Lil Wayne is definitely one of my favorite rappers, ” he said. “I feel like he used to go so hard with the punchlines. Everyone just wanted to say and do the punchlines and see how creative they can be with the punchlines. So it was kind of the wave I was on at the time. Like, I was a lot more lyrical than now. “. Obviously, these words are far from mere whining, if we refer to the career of the man and the hard-hitting hits he has been swinging for more than a decade.

Now, everything indicates that the interpreter of ”  You’re Mines Still  ” will welcome on one of the tracks of his next album, the legendary rapper. However, in classic Lil Wayne fashion, he let the young rapper know that he fully intends to get a really big place on the track.

Indeed, a few hours ago, Yung Bleu shared on his Instagram story the screenshot of a text conversation between Weezy and him. “I could go 16+ bars on the intro track ,  Wayne wrote in the post. ” It’s cool ? “.

Admittedly, Bleu was not keen to integrate his answer in the said published capture, but he admitted that the introductory track of his next disc would carry the imprint of the native of New Orleans. Fans will then be blessed with a Lil Wayne ft Yung Bleu. In fact, the 27-year-old rapper left this caption on his post: ”  When Wayne Says This, It’s Wayne’s Song Now “, with hilarious emojis.

Obviously, it’s rare to see a rapper of Yung Bleu’s build agree to be outmatched by another hitmaker on his own track. However, when an idol comes to set such conditions, it is absolutely another story. From the young rapper’s appreciation, it is evident that he is happy and totally honored to give the founder of the YMCMB so much time on his own track.

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