Travis Scott will headline the Ardentes in 2023

The announcement will have had the effect of a bomb: Travis Scott will be one of the headliners of the Ardentes festival in 2023. The return of Cactus Jack confirmed After a forced hiatus, following the Astroworld disaster that killed several people and injured hundreds at the end of 2021, Travis Scott finally seems ready to sign his comeback. After … Read more

Lil Baby Called ‘Next-Gen 2Pac’ By Rap Veteran

The comparison was sure to spark debate: former The Source magazine pundit Benzino called Lil Baby ” the 2Pac of this generation . “ Lil Baby and 2Pac, striking similarities? It is on Twitter that Benzino, known by some to be the father of Coi Leray, by others to have embarked on a losing battle against Eminem in the … Read more

“Star Academy”: Anisha is the big winner of the season!

They were only four students left to dream of winning the “Star Academy” during the grand final on TF1: Enola, Léa, Anisha and Louis. After duets with Soprano or Robbie Williams, it was Anisha who was crowned big winner by the public. Photo credits: Capture TF1 TF1 viewers bid farewell to the 2022 promotion of “Star Academy” , … Read more

Star Academy: the highs and lows of this new season

The “Star Academy”, it’s over! After six weeks of competition, it was Anisha who was crowned the big winner of this class of 2022. Students, anthem, teachers… Purecharts takes stock of this new season and reviews the best and the worst. Photo credits: TF1 Tops: – Benchmarks: 14 years after the shutdown of “Star Academy” on TF1, … Read more

Lil Pump lost the hard drive containing his new album

Rather discreet lately, Lil Pump had obviously anticipated his return, preparing a new album. Bad luck, the rapper lost the hard drive containing this long format. Lil Pump lost his next album The story is hard to believe: on his social networks, Lil Pump will have explained that he lost the hard drive containing his next upcoming album , soberly titled Lil … Read more


US rapper Saweetie recently guest-starred on the bootleg Kev podcast. The interview included topics such as her new EP, last year’s McDonald’s collaboration and her views on the differences between men’s and women’s music in hip-hop. On the latter, the California rapper has had a strong opinion: According to her, women are currently leading hip-hop. Saweetie finds male rap too ‘disrespectful and violent’ … Read more

Wiz Khalifa quits wearing jewelry ‘for his safety’

Acts of violence being omnipresent in the rap game, some players in the field, including Wiz Khalifa , think more than ever of having their backs. Wiz Khalifa changes his tune Assumed weed lover, Wiz Khalifa recently joined DJ Whoo Kid to take part in the WHOO’s House podcast . The opportunity for him to evoke some changes made in his life, … Read more

Future accused of being a ‘failed father’ by the mother of one of his children

The Atlanta-born rapper is enjoying no respite. He who announced there is little to want to marry has just seen himself publicly taken over by one of his ex-companions, with whom he had a child. Future accused of being a bad father On his birthday, Future will have seen an unflattering video circulating, pushed on Instagram by a woman posing … Read more

Ice Cube lost $9 million by refusing to get a COVID shot

The West Coast veteran recently confirmed that he lost a veritable fortune by refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Ice Cube loses a real fortune Passing through the famous Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast , Ice Cube returned to this colossal sum that passed under his nose, because he refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19: “I refused a movie because I … Read more